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Loram Group

  The underlying principle governing the operations of Loram Group is ‘Strength through Diversity’, the common denominator enabling us to consistently deliver our value promise to our customers, partners, investors, employees and other stakeholders around the world. 

  Our strength is the result of an ever-widening range of commercial activities conducted through more than 100 businesses, all of which are supported by sound fiscal, management and operational expertise by harnessing the power of technology in a networked world we have developed closer links with our stakeholders using electronic business solutions and support services.

  Geopolitical, economic and social considerations will, of course, continue to drive us, along with continuing globalization, free trade and a consumer culture demanding competitive pricing and superior quality.

   We remain steadfast to our multifaceted role of meeting the needs of our customers while providing our partners with attractive financial growth and ensuring competitive working conditions for the professional fulfillment of our employees.

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