I.V. House

Wrist Splint

TLC Wrist Splint

939 - S, M, L & XL

The TLC® Wrist Splint is ergonomically designed for patients from pediatrics through adults to hold the wrist, forearm, and hand in the ideal position for IV therapy. The unique openings on the TLC Wrist Splint allow nurses to Touch, Look, and Compare the arm with the IV catheter to check for early signs of complications such as infiltration and extravasation, which can lead to compartment syndrome.

  • 939 S or M, Wrist TLC UltraSplint
Foot Splint

TLC Foot Splint

949 - XS & S

The TLC® Foot Splint is ergonomically designed to correspond with the natural bend in an infant’s ankle to stabilize the joint when a foot site is required for IV therapy. It can be used medially or laterally on the right or left foot and provides access to the greater saphenous vein, dorsal arch, and surrounding veins on the top of the foot.

  • IV 949XS Foot TLC UltraSplint
Elbow Splint

TLC Elbow Splint

959 - XS, S, M, L & XL

The new, innovative TLC® Elbow Splint is ergonomically designed to fit the natural shape and topology of the elbow joint while increasing visibility for nurses to help reduce patient harm. Traditional armboards are not optimized for the antecubital space, and worse they allow the patient to bend the elbow. Only the TLC Elbow Splint secures the area of flexion while giving nurses a clear view of the IV insertion site.

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IV Dome


727 SFP & 750 LFP

The clear, ventilated, plastic dome of the I.V. House UltraDome® shields, secures, and protects the IV catheter hub and loop of tubing while making it easier for nurses to visualize and inspect the IV insertion site without disturbing the patient. The padding on the flange is designed to be comfortable on the patient’s skin; extra padding on the outer rim provides additional comfort for more active patients without the worry of bumps and snags that can lead to dislodgment.

  • IV 727S and 750L UltraDome for neona
IV Dressing

UltraDressing - Hand

730 - S, M, L & ARM

Designed in collaboration with the world leader in ergonomic products for the hand, the I.V. House UltraDressing® fits like a glove and provides protection that reduces patient anxiety while increasing personal comfort. Because it eliminates the need for tape, there is less skin irritation and reduced risk for medical adhesive-related skin injuries. The I.V. House UltraDressing fits neonates, infants, and adults and is also available for the Arm.

  • IV 730 UltraDressing
IV Dome


330 - M & L

Created to provide protection for neonates and infants, covers the IV insertion site to prevent movement of the IV catheter to help prevent injury and patient harm. This innovative design is available in two sizes to fit neonates ranging from low to normal birthweights and can be used on the hand, forearm, AC, foot/ankle, or other peripheral IV. The adjustable strap attaches with a Velcro® closure to reduce the need for tape which can damage fragile skin of the smallest patients.

  • IV 330 UltraDressing